We stepped through the doorway and found ourselves…nowhere.  One at a time we came stumbling onto the other side only to be instantly blinded by the intense darkness around us.  No stars, no street lamps or headlights to guide us.  It was as if we’d entered a barren wasteland, and for all we knew, we had.  Crouching down I was able to ascertain that we were on some sort of dusty crag.  Together, once we’d found each other by reaching out into the dark, we were able to climb our way down completely blind and reach what seemed to be a valley below.

It was solid ground.  And although I’d had no idea of what to expect with this journey, I was at least grateful for the earth beneath my feet, even if it wasn’t Earth.

“Why…uh, why don’t we just sit and rest here for a bit, maybe try and get our bearings?”  Rachel’s voice seemed to stab into the blackness around us, too loud with no other sound nearby.

“No, we should keep moving,” said Sara, defiant and headstrong.  “We should find a way out of the dark.  It can’t be like this everywhere.”

“So where do we go?”  Campbell, with all his muscle abilities, sounded nervous.  There was nothing any of us could do.

“Anywhere.  We pick a direction and go.”

“And how do we know we won’t end up someplace worse?”

They went on, but I was trying not to listen, to keep scanning the ink around us and keep a bit of hope.

I was about to rejoin the conversation when I saw a pop like the burst of a flashbulb come to life on the horizon, sending a sliver of light across the gray desert-like land around us with its broken vistas and jagged outcroppings.  The distant dot of light flickered, almost faded away, but then it flared up again and held steady.

We’d all seen it.  It was impossible not to.

And without another word we marched off toward it.