I could tell Campbell’s collisions with the door were starting to make some headway.  Each time he hit it the door would rattle in its frame a little more.  And the crowd of villagers outside had started to notice too.

Their screaming, pounding on the door, and waving torches around had mellowed down into a sort of mass shock and fear.  If they thought the beasts were about to burst out and attack them, then I was impressed to see them sticking around.

But as the door loosened more they backed up, giving it some clearance.  I wanted to be in my body for what would happen next, so I flitted back into the bunker and into my corporeal form.

As I stood, I could hear the smashing of Campbell against the door grow louder in my ears, as if it were from a great way off at first and then suddenly just next to me.

And when I turned to look, he hit it one last time and sent it flying from its hinges and off of the building to land where the bonfire in the center of the encampment had been.  The people outside cowered at the sight of a muscular behemoth.  And I worried we might frighten them, give them the wrong impression, but then Sara turned toward us, in shock.

“Move! They’re here.”

Together, the four of us leapt from the bunker into the darkness, two moons above setting the surrounding forests and sands alight.  I was shocked to see such a change in our surroundings.

Until we heard a low growl behind us.

Turning, we could see the savage animals that had once been Granny Po and her people watching us from the center of the bunker’s main room, hungry and pissed.